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Welcome to Land of The Warriors RP! I hope you enjoy everything this site has to offer! Please be respectful of staff, as well as other members. Have fun Role-Playing, and please take the time to read our Rules!

    Also, please read the the entries posted in the Admin Blog. It will help everyone stay up to date with the latest site news! 

     Finally, please be sure to check the Calendar to find out when Gatherings, Moonpool Gatherings, and site events are held!

- Staff

Clan Territories

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Important Ranks

Leader: Rainstar 
Deputy: Whitefur 

Medicine Cat: Tornadostorm 
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Not Available

Leader: Skystar 
Deputy: Soon
Medicine Cat: Frostflower 
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Not Available


Leader: Timestar 

Deputy: Redsplash
Medicine Cat: Cloudedsky

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Not Available


Leader: Breezestar 

Deputy: Soddenfur 
Medicine Cat: Hazelmask

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Not Available

Band of Blood:
Leader: Frost 
Second paw: Twisted