Land Of The Warriors RP


If you see someone breaking the rules, simply flag the post, and alert a staff member via private message. If someone is breaking the rules on another part of the site, take a screenshot of the offense. 

These rules are to be followed by everyone. No one is above them, and if a rule is broken you will be punished according to the severity. The highest punishment is being permanently removed from the site.

There are rules that we have not added, because we haven't thought of it yet. So don't get upset towards us when we ask you to stop doing something. Not everything we disapprove of can be put on the list on one try.

Once a rule has been put down, it is not to be questioned. Each rule is here for a reason, and if you doubt a rule should be there, take it up with a staff member.

Rules will be added or changed in the future.
   Please Respect The Following Rules While On The Site:

1. The Staff Has The Power To Remove You From The Site If Necessary 

2. Respect The Staff As Well As Other Members

3. If A Staff Member Asks You To Stop Doing A Certain Action, Even If It Is Not Listed In The Rules, Please Obey

4. Please Do Not Post Pictures. Except For Your Profile Picture, You Should Always Post The Link To The Image.


6. You May Not Post Anything About Rules Unless You are A Staff Member.

7. Do NOT post pictures anywhere!

  Role-Play Rules:

1. Only Realistic Cats In The Main Role-Play. Unless You Are Part Of A Prophecy, Which Is Decided By The Staff, Please Keep Unrealistic Characters In The Other Role-Play Section.  In The Other Role-Play Section You May Have Characters With Powers, Wings And Such, Provided It Does Not Interfere With The Main Role-Play.

2. No Power-Playing Or God-Modding. This Means That Your Cat Can Not Be Invincible, In An Instance Such As, One Cat Can Not Fight Three Without Becoming Hurt In Some Way, No Matter How Skilled.

3. Do Not Kill Someone's Character Without Their Permission.

4. Only Realistic Names. This Means Names Such As Awesomepelt And Galaxyfur Are Not Allowed. The Cats Would Not Know Anything About Such Words Or Objects. The Only Exception Would Be When A Loner Or Kittypet Joins A Clan And Keeps His/Her Name.

5. Do Not Age You Cats Too Quickly. Kits May Age Faster Than Other Cats, Considering They Are Weak, And Not Too Interesting To Role-Play.

6. Cats Created On This Site Have No Relation To Those In The Books.

7. High Ranks MUST BE EARNED! You Can Not Join As A High Rank.

8. You May Ask For A High Rank, But It Must Be Approved Before You Get It.

9. No Cussing What So Ever! You May, Of Course, Use Warrior Insults, And Obviously Words Like 'Freaking' Or 'Darn.'

10. Do Not Role-Play Someone Else's Character Without Permission.

11. Two High Ranks Per Member, unless Timey says otherwise

12. If You Say Someone's Cat Can Be Your Apprentice Or Mate Or Whatever Then Keep That Promise!

13. You may not have two of the same High Ranks (Ex. Leader and Leader) in the main clans. Unless you were deputy and the leader died.

That Is All For Now, But Keep In Mind Rules May Be Added Or Deleted. Thank You.